Monday, May 2, 2011

is it summer yet!

ok so today Lauren, Marissa, and Sarah were all not there. weird. well not really. Lauren and Marissa went  to the same place for vacation (totally coincidence) Sarah. well no one actually knows where she went for spring break..... mysterious girl. so this morning before school, nick dropped by my room while i was getting ready. all of a sudden when i am sleeping I wake up suddenly and see Nick just sitting on my bed acting like it is nothing. i am just like OOOK then.. he asks if i want food. and i am like your kidding right? course i do! let me get pretty first!♥ he just starts laughing. he is by best friend since we were young. Jen came in a little later but the friendship is never ending. anyway when i got up he plopped onto my pillow crashing. i am just like. hey whatever floats your boat! once i am ready we go. and ♥David♥ and Mike are waiting for us at the cafe Jen and Rosie tagged along so it was a meeting of the rooms! we chatted and got some food to survive our first few classes. we are all just having a good time. then the front door opens. the entire restaurant goes silent and i finally can hear who opened it. alexandria. i mean KILL ME NOW. i was so ready to say something then Nick shoved some of my donut in my face. good save...
tell ya more later. gotta go

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hi People of the Internet

Hello People of the Intenet! ok so i will tell parts of my life in drama. basically another chapter. so i luv you guys and enjoy my luvly life in drama
Luv you guys!